Derelopment HistoryMarch. 1999 year set up at chang hua chansie.
 Biult zine & aluminam. Die-casting plant.
 January. 2004 bought. Floor and build factory
 Moved To Recent address. Chaug hua. Puyan
 and set up polishing deportment june 2005.
 Blained ISO Cerfification.

Business ITemsBathrwrn parts fancet parts. Furniture components
 B.BQ furnace parts. Auto/Motor parts messuge
 eguipment parts and Zinc/Aluninum die casting mold
 design provide / part in / company-from mold
 desigth / development to die-casting Surface freat ment
 machining and finish. Parts service

main Customers瑅穝そヲタそ腳ó縊供穨ネそバそ